Episode 80: Kettles and Liars


In episode 80, Rosie and Jessica are concerned by bedbugs, discuss the beauty of the bedside kettle and Jessica shares why Pretty Little Liars is probably not worth your time. Following this, they share some television that should have been put out of its misery and get really happy about Hot Dog Princesses. #sixseasonsandamovie

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This week’s songs
Jessica picked First Impressions from the musical First Date, while Rosie went for 23 Floors Up by Teleman.

Needle and Fed

Good morning!

A photo posted by Jessica Thimbles (@ohsewjessica) on

Rosie has finished both her sock and her Mystery Knit-Along elf!

In some Cabot Coverage, here are the Murder She Wrote guest stars you may have forgotten.


Who holds your hair? Jessica suggests Daddy-Long-Legs’ Sally McBride.

Sure, he didn’t co-create Empire, but Tom Lenk’s post-Buffy career is going just great.

All hail our Hot Dog princess.

What? It’s not like it’s hard.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Rosie play a mouse receptionist, your wish has been granted by Wooden Overcoats.


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