Episode 77: Bursars and Stereo – A Hamilton Special


In episode 77, Rosie and Jessica devote the bulk of the episode to all things Hamilton. Mainly because one half of the team finally listened to it. The songs of Hamilton get put through a Top 5 and generally Rosie and Jessica are the trash of the thing. Plus snacks, links and obscene mittens – werk!

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

Sara Grant’s new book Chasing Danger is out now!

We loved Pop Culture Happy Hour’s Hamilton special.

Stephen Colbert gets schooled in walking like King George.

Needle and Fed
All the knitting! Obscene mittens! Antler hats! Squirrels! Socks! Princess Anna!

Flap My Jack!

I’m just Bruce Wayne…just Bruce Wayne.

Powerpuff Yourself!

100% definitely real fake pop baby conspiracy theory.

The Avengers/Hamilton fanfic you didn’t know you needed.


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