Episode 76: Bebop and Waffles


In episode 76, Rosie and Jessica continue their celebration of the Best and Most Important Meal of the day with their Top 5 breakfasts, beautifully segued into. There’s been celebratory baking, exasperating television and dancing dinosaurs. They’re waffley versatile!

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This week’s songs
Jessica picked Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth, while Rosie went for Single Again by The Fiery Furnaces.

Catch up on our Top 5 breakfast cereals in Episode 69.

Why not serve Potatoasted Cheese Sandwiches at your next garden party?

Needle and Fed

Oh hi I'm this year's Simnel cake Yeah I'm great

A photo posted by Rosie (@rosieatlarge) on

Rosie’s made some socks out of the wool she bought in Brooklyn (where she also made her first pair of socks.)

How many people does he need? How many boys, how many dinosaurs?

Rethinking Theodore Laurence.

Whose Line Is It Anyway takes a sideways look at the world.


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