Episode 5: Rain and Pedestrians

In episode 5, Rosie and Jessica are quickly sidelined into the dos-and-don’ts for being a pedestrian, especially in wet weather. There’s a bit of a theme, as they discuss their trip to ‘Top Hat’ and reel off their Top Five musicals. Plus a new feature which makes it in on name alone and a Podcast Pick.

You can listen to it on Mixcloud or online here:

This week’s songs:
Jessica picked ‘Seafood Mama‘ by The Puppini Sisters – this video isn’t terrific quality, but Rosie and Jessica were in the audience, probably about twelve people away from this camera!
Rosie went for Phil Phillips’ ‘Sea of Love‘ – this is the original, but she recommends Cat Power‘s version as well.

And as a bonus song, we have Sit Down and Shut the Folk Up, where we pick a folk song and you’re not allowed to complain about it. Or something. We recommend ‘John Gaudie‘ by the majestic Fairport Convention.

A couple of Ravelry patterns get mentioned:
Owls by Kate Davies
Holiday Mice by Barbara Prime

This week we’ve seen the Fred Astaire film ‘The Band Wagon‘ and urge you to watch this clip of grown adults dressed as triplets. Contains dancing-on-knees.

And we recommend the lovely Knit.Spin.Cake podcast. You can find it on iTunes, PodBean and Twitter.

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