Episode 16: Bananas and Custard

In episode 16, Jessica gives us her take on the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A and disgusts Rosie with talk of the titular pudding. We have Strictly Update, a last-minute, wildcard-entry Needle and Fed and, in keeping with Jessica’s trip, a rundown of the Top 5 Costumes. Plus top tips for what to do if you’re housebound by the weather. This episode was produced by Intern Walter.

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

This week’s songs:
Jessica picked Emmy the Great‘s ‘First Love‘.
Rosie’s pick was ‘Laura‘ by Bat for Lashes which is amazing and great.

Jessica visited the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A, which is on until 27 January 2013.

Rosie went off to the Prince Charles Cinema to see To Rome With Love and also enjoyed some excellent Mexican tapas at Wahaca.

Strictly clips, galleries and more are on the BBC website.

This week’s Top 5s – Costumes

1. Giselle 2. Velma Von Tussle
3. Sweeney Todd 4. Joan Holloway
5. Miss Piggy

Rosie’s choices: 1. Giselle’s Curtain Dress from Enchanted 2. Velma Von Tussle from Hairspray 3. The ‘By the Sea’ Sequence from Sweeney Todd 4. Joan Holloway from Mad Men 5. Miss Piggy’s cardigan in The Muppets Take Manhattan

1. Delysia LaFosse 2.Ginger Rogers
3. Hurl Scouts 4.Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles
5. Pleasantville

Jessica’s choices: 1. Delysia LaFosse’s blue dress in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day 2. Ginger Rogers in Swing Time 3. The Hurl Scouts’ uniform in Whip It 4. Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles in Pushing Daisies 5. Pleasantville

Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth’s hat in The Last of the Blonde Bombshells, the St. Trinian’s uniform, the Beauxbatons school uniform, Josephine Baker‘s banana skirt and Miss Pettigrew‘s coat.

We were inspired to write our own list of things to do when you’re stuck inside by Gala Darling‘s own list.

Improve Your Life! (with the 99 tips.)

Do enjoy these people reverse Trick-Or-Treating.

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