Episode 66: Squirrels and Scythes

There's no crying in baseball!

In episode 66, Rosie and Jessica accidentally fit into the seasonal Halloween theme by talking about dressing up and cosplay. There’s discussion of appropriate weaponry, fat woodland creatures and how much is acceptable to pay for breakfast food.

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Happy Song by Kate Micucci, while Rosie went for Running Behind by HOLYCHILD.

Jessica ate reasonably priced breakfast foods at the Cereal Killer cafe.

We talk more about our favourite film and television costumes in Episode 16: Bananas and Custard from 2012.

Needle and Fed

Apple rose.

A photo posted by Jessica Thimbles (@ohsewjessica) on

Rosie has finished her Old Hilda socks, cast on some mutant cross-breed socks and continued with her Sheherazade shawl.

Go nuts for these squirrels at Cath Kidston.


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