Yesterday of Fun – Episode 51: Nuns and Pi

Jet and Frances Owens

We’re stepping back into the podcast time machine this week and visiting 2015 which, quite frankly, sounds great. Back in Episode 51, Rosie and Jessica were celebrating three years of podcasting with their Top 5 Sisters (you see, Rosie and Jessica are sisters so it all makes sense.) Honestly I’m just reeling thinking about 2015. That’s forever ago!

You can listen online or through all good podcatchers.

This week’s songs
Jessica asks us Oh What Have You Done by Twisted Wheel and Rosie answers, I Feel Love with Donna Summer.

You can hear further discussion of Timmy Time in Episode 25: Cradock and Barrington.

Needle and Fed
Jessica is having a palaver with the Terrific Tea Cosy by Martin Storey.

Unbelievable noises emanating from a human in this Les Mis blooper.

You can now get to Sesame Street by following Big Bird (on Twitter.)

A weasel riding a woodpecker.

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