Episode 82: Turtles and Dwarves


In episode 82, Rosie and Jessica rail against the state of the world (soz, world) and marvel at Australian voting traditions. They delve into the realms of fantasy for a Top 5 Magical Characters and challenge themselves to name various sets of people, at which they attain, at best, a B-.

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This week’s songs
Jessica picked Just What I Need by Rufus King, while Rosie went for LA Threshold by De Lux.

Playlists of all our song choices are now available on Spotify! Here are Jessica‘s and Rosie‘s.

Hermione should never have wasted her time doing Dumb Boys‘ homework.

Raise a glass to the Toast with Two Bossy Dames – oh, and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Always wanted to hear comic romantic fiction written by one half of this podcast? Go forth and live that dream.


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