Episode 139: Pigeons and Twists

In episode 139, Rosie and Jessica have still not done a huge amount (and yet it took Rosie literal months to edit the episode. Rosie has found deeply suspicious DVD boxsets in her house which is what she will be blaming for the terrible audio quality in this episode (sorry.) Where does this fall on the YouTube to Cinema flow chart? Find out now!

You can listen online or through all good podcatchers.

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar, while Rosie went for Elizabeth Cotten and Headless Heroes’ cover of Blues Run the Game.

Playlists of all our song choices are available on Spotify! Here are Jessica‘s and Rosie‘s.

No Cops at Pride, only pigeons

To me, to you – the Chuckle Brothers play Hitman.

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