Episode 106: Opera and Daffodils

In episode 106, Rosie and Jessica catch up on some cultural items, a wide range of weather and the Herculean burden of cleaning out flowers. Then there’s a very spoiler-y Late Review of 2015’s revenge-comedy-drama-western The Dressmaker and a whole bunch of articles and videos to check out in What Have We Seen This Week.

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Wild West Hero by the Electric Light Orchestra, while Rosie went for Trouble by Natalia Kills.

Playlists of all our song choices are available on Spotify! Here are Jessica‘s and Rosie‘s.

Heard the one about the Superman, Wild Wild West and the giant mechanical spiders? It’s number three on this Cracked article and it’s WILD (Wild West.)

Needle and Fed
Rosie has finished her Sure, Jan sweater and is having a second go on the Scylla socks.

There’s plenty on Netflix to keep you occupied! RuPaul’s Drag Race is back with its tenth season; all of the Great British Bake Off is available in the UK; your mileage with Nailed It! may vary; but everyone loves Queer Eye; and this is a programme about making dolly clothes.

On knitting and mental health in The Pool.

Also in The Pool, Rosie contributed to this article on chronic physical illness.

At Buzzfeed, an investigation into politics in modern romance novels and also a list of thing’s we’re planning on doing when we’re rich old ladies.

Also making us miss The Toast, this memo in the New Yorker to the staff of a magazine in a romcom.

The New York Times visits the world of the remaining manual elevators of New York.

Clean up any kind – and we mean any kind – of mess with Jolie Kerr.


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