Yesterday of Fun…Episode 56: Toffee and Maths

Many people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

We’re heading back into the archives with Episode 56 from 2015. Rosie was writing an essay on The Wizard of Oz and was totally unable to talk about anything else, except for sticky toffee puddings. Luckily Jessica was on hand to talk us through her many cakes (and keep things on track.)

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Ultraviolet by fictional band, The Stiff Dylans and Rosie picked Belle & Sebastian’s Nobody’s Empire.

Ask to see the Captain at Cahoots.

I love the Buttery Biscuit Base.

You can learn more about M.E. Awareness Week from Action for M.E.

Needle and Fed


Self-explanatory dessert.

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CAKE! #cake #vegan #stars #fullnow

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Obviously cannot be expected to write an essay on Oz without appropriate nails.

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At The Toast, women are having a terrible time at parties, trying to politely end conversations, and being reminded that they are not Elizabeth Bennet.

Do not eat your bracelets (except maybe in an emergency.)

Woollen Woods are in bloom at Arlington Court.

Rosie was on Friend of the Show Lucy’s podcast Symphonies and Snacks making almost salient points about contemporary classical music.

This is the best sloth.

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