Episode 60: Breakfast and Brains

Yo roomba, drop a beat!

In episode 60, Jessica can’t talk about what she’s got up to. Luckily, Rosie is present to waffle on endlessly about a trip to York and some knitwear. No Top 5 this week, but the exciting new feature Look Into Yoghurt gets pitched alongside an infinitely long discussion of portion sizes. Get your Breakfast Butler to set this episode up immediately.

You can listen to it on iTunes or online here:

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton, while Rosie went for Number One Song in Heaven by Sparks.

We will never not link to this story from This American Life about fiascos.

DJ Roomba.

Needle and Fed

The cakes of yesterday's handiwork.

A photo posted by Rosie (@rosieatlarge) on

Chewbacca has something important to say.


Take this advice from writers with a pinch of salt (yowza!)

Rosie caused a fight between Elis James and John Robins. Dreams do come true.

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