Episode 126: Supermarkets & Scalps

In episode 126, Rosie and Jessica, though thinking they hadn’t done much, had actually witnessed brave and valiant journeys to the supermarket. Also Rosie shaved her head. Lot of supermarket chat this week, you have been warned.

You can listen online or through all good podcatchers.

This week’s songs
Jessica picked Yours and Mine by Fountains of Wayne, while Rosie went for RuPaul feat. Myah Marie’s Adrenaline.

Playlists of all our song choices are available on Spotify! Here areĀ Jessica‘s andĀ Rosie‘s.

How would your favourite tv show have handled coronavirus?

Brad and Claire (Eventually) Make Doughnuts

And Claire finally catches a break and gets to host It’s Alive (and meet a baby!)

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