Episode 123: Mantraps and Balms

In episode 123, Rosie and Jessica somehow maybe broke their podcast feed – maybe through neglect? – but are back with an episode that catches you up on frankly very little. Luckily, for any moment of need, there’s Joan.

You can listen online or through all good podcatchers


This week’s songs
Jessica picked Africa by Toto, while Rosie went for Simon & Garfunkel’s The Only Living Boy in New York

Playlists of all our song choices are available on Spotify! Here are Jessica‘s and Rosie‘s.

We thoroughly enjoyed the musical of Amélie over the break.

Please soak up the video stylings of Cheyenne Barton, a goshdarn delight.

Rosie has been tirelessly binge-listening Who? Weekly (good form Bella Thorne)

If you enjoyed Newsies, you’ll enjoy Newsies Minute and if you enjoyed both, you’ll enjoy Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square.

Joan: the greatest video on the internet.

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